EGU General Assembly 2017, Vienna

We were present at the EGU General Assembly 2017 with the contribution: Saturated hydraulic conductivity as parameter for modeling applications – comparison of determination methods
(Session SSS7.6/HS8.3.11 Soil water infiltration. Measurements, assessment and modeling.)

We showed a side study about the used measurement methods for hydraulic soil conductivity. The first step was a simple comparison of the results. Measurements from different measurement ranges were extrapolated to saturatation state what pointed out that evaporation method results were three orders of magnitude lower than those of hood infiltrometer and falling head lab method.

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Soil Pore Dynamics

Welcome to the project SPorDyn!

We investigate temporal alterations of hydraulic soil properties and soil structure as effects of land management. Field and lab experiments in Eastern Austria and Germany are conducted frequently and give close insights to the evolution of the macropore structure and the ability to provide plant-available water in agricultural soils. Subsequently, a modelling approach will be developed to allow for temporal non-stationarity of hydraulic soil properties in soil water movement simulations.

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